The Cumberland  Fairfield and Strathfield LGA’s have a diverse population a majority of whom are migrants.

Knowledge sharing and information dissemination remains one of the critical areas for business survival and the chamber supports this need through its events and various online channels.

Recognising the needs of our businesses our Chamber realigned its services in 2020. Our tenets recognise the changing needs of a vastly migrant population.

The 5 Tenets under which we operate are.

Knowledge sharing
Business Promotion
Cross-Cultural Synergies

So how do businesses benefit by joining our chamber?

REPRESENTATIONL We advocate for favourable policies which support businesses to start and grow..

KNOWLEDGE SHARING :  We bring experts in various fields like Social Media marketing and planning to impart their knowledge through events.

NETWORKING AND BUSINESS PROMOTION: We invite businesses to spotlight their services at our events, on our Facebook page and through our partner Parra News .

We invite various government ministers and councillors from Federal, State and local councils to speak at our events and connect them to businesses.

I encourage all businesses within the Cumberland to become part of our network so you can benefit from our services.

Immanuel Selvaraj


Advocating for the rights of its members to various government and other authorities to facilitate business friendly policies.

Knowledge Sharing

Making the right information available to its members through documents and events to help them start or grow their business.


Facilitate events where members can meet and learn from each other and create synergies.

Business Promotion

Organise events to help members grow their business.

Fostering Cross-Cultural Synergies

Ensuring skills are transferred across cultures.


Business Connect


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Open For Business is another exciting initiative from one of our members who runs Good Morning Macarthur. This is a series of short videos wherein experts share relevant tips on a wide variety of topics including Branding, HR, Financial, Legal, Mental and Physical Wellness as well as Marketing across the board. It is a free resource for the business community to help one another get through these tough times. Our President Immanuel Selvaraj shared tips on Strategic Planning for Small Businesses.

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